How to Select The Right Aquarium Tank



So you have decided you want an aquarium, where do you begin? For a successful aquarium you have several decisions to make. What tank size,  filtration, circulation and lighting are the most essential aspects of your aquarium.

Then you must decide what will occupy the tank? Next decide what tank is right for your goals.


Tank Selections

There is a wide range of tanks to choose from. They are glass or acrylic. Large or small, salt water or fresh water.

There are numerous manufactures producing a wide selection.

JBJ Nano Cubes, Red Sea, and Current USA produce a very popular tanks. They have a style to meet many styles or occupants to be featured in your aquarium at home or at your office.


Clear-for-Life Tanks

Clear-for-life tanks are manufactured of acrylic and has a lifetime guarantee not to leak. These tanks are manufactured in USA.


Current USA Betta-Cube Tanks

These compact cubes are simplistic in design, hand crafted and are stylish and practical. This is a great selection for betta fish, bamboo plants, and terra scape garden.


Current USA Solana Tanks

Current Solana Tanks combine technology with fashionable, simple design with a frame less glass panels. This tank has a black background leaving an open opportunity to design your aquariums to fit in every area of your life.


JBJ Nano Cube Tanks

This stylish tank offers a full round edges providing a clear view of your tank. These mini tanks are great for small reef tanks , they have adequate room for proper stacking of rocks and plants.


Red Sea Reef Aquarium Systems

A complete aquarium systems takes a lot of the technology aspects of choosing the right equipment. Then you can right sawn to the fun of aqua scaping, choosing the livestock and reefs of your desires.


AquaPod Tanks

A handsome design and elegant viewing of seamless, rounded edges is an all-in-one systems.

This design ascents any decor, while providing an environment that sooths and relaxes as you melt into your aquarium experience.


Cardiff Tanks

This elegantly designed systems blends into your home or office with rounded beveled edges provides a clear view from all angles. The hidden filter system makes owning fish easy to keep.

Deep Sea Aquatics Tank


This tank creates a uniquic environment for your occupants. The filter system moves water efficiently while keeping the water surface